A novel service for homeless people with severe and intractable alcohol dependence

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NDARC Professor Kate Dolan reports on her experiences investigating Managed Alcohol Programs (MAPs) in the United Kingdom and Canada. Managed Alcohol Programs (MAP) are a novel service for homeless people with severe and intractable alcohol dependence where clients receive a regulated amount of alcohol at set times.

Why addiction isn't a disease but instead the result of 'deep learning'

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This feature article on neuroscientist Marc Lewis and his new book discusses his theory that callenges the modern-day concensus on drug dependence as a brain disease, arguing that in "in reality it is a complex cultural, social, psychological and biological phenomenon" as NDARC Professor Alison Ritter describes.

Don’t believe the hype, teens are drinking less than they used to

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Ask your friends and colleagues about young Australians and alcohol and I bet they’ll say something about a generation out of control or a binge-drinking epidemic.

The media regularly brings the worst outcomes of young people’s drinking to our attention and points to a problematic drinking culture supposedly unique to young Australians. Little wonder people believe things have never been so bad.

The reality is startlingly different. Data recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows alcohol consumption in Australia has reached its lowest point since the early 1960s, having declined steadily since the mid-2000s. Survey data suggests this decline has been driven almost entirely by reductions in youth drinking.