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What regular drug users are taking in 2014 - a podcast

NDARC surveys nearly 2000 drug users every year to gather data on what drugs people are using; on the price, purity and availability of illicit drugs in Australia; on the harms associated with drug use; and to detect any other trends or changes happening in Australia’s illicit drug markets. These surveys are conducted by NDARC’s Drug Trends team, led by Associate Professor Lucy Burns.

On The Daily Mail's reporting of cannabis research

Professor Wayne Hall conducts cannabis research

"Cannabis as addictive as heroin" announced the headlines in The Daily Mail (UK) and The Telegraph (UK). The news outlets were reporting on a paper published this week in the journal Addiction which reviews the last 20 years of research into the adverse health effects of recreational cannabis use.

But the headlines were misleading, as author of the paper and NDARC conjoint Professor Wayne Hall explains:

How the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman was reported

Marion Downey

Moral judgement and bias still abounds in media reporting of drug and alcohol dependence, writes NDARC’s head of communications, Marion Downey.

The death of Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from a heroin overdose and a “cocktail” of other drugs in February this year attracted frenzied media interest and hundreds of stories in print, television, radio and online.