2012 NDARC Annual Research Symposium

Image: 2012 NDARC Annual Symposium

The 2012 NDARC Annual Symposium was held 28 August, 2012 at the University of New South Wales. The theme for the day was 'Celebrating 25 Years of Drug and Alcohol Research: Scoping the Future'. For those who wish to view the program, it is attached below, along with selected posters presented on the day.

Thank you to all who attended and provided feedback on the event. 


A systematic review of integrated treatments for depression and substance use in young people

Anxiety and stress in pregnancy: The relationship of maternal anxiety and stress in pregnancy with drug and alcohol intake, psychosocial functioning and spousal abuse

Client attitudes toward, and satisfaction with, their general medical practitioner’s approach to cannabis use interventions

Comorbidity and temporal ordering of anxiety, mood and substance use disorders in the Australian general population: Which come first and what does this tell us?

Disinhibition and poor error monitoring associated with alcohol and cannabis exposure in young adults

Does training on inhibitory tasks influence alcohol consumption and attitudes?

The effects of drug and alcohol use on child development: Age 3 preliminary results

Exploring the complex interplay between the use of pharmaceutical opioids and pain management among people who inject drugs regularly in Australia

Economic evaluation comparing centre-based compulsory treatment with community-based methadone treatment in Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Exploring gender differences among people who inject drugs in Australia: Findings from the 2011 Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)

Factors associated with variability and stability of cannabis use in young adulthood

From conception to birth: The relationship between pregnancy planning and caffeine, alcohol and illicit drug use

How does regular ecstasy use affect sleep? … and what happens if you add cannabis and methamphetamine?

Investigation of the long-term physical health effects of regular cannabis use

It’s a case of apples and pears: Cider/perry’s turn to highlight disparities in Australia’s alcohol taxation system

Lifetime characteristics and psychosocial functioning of community-dwelling individuals with a history of homelessness

NSW EDRS 2011: Trends and current issues

Online school-based prevention for alcohol and other drugs: A systematic review

Preventing adolescent cannabis use through web-based graphic warning imagery

Primary health care physician’s attitudes and experiences of interventions for cannabis use disorder

Sips, drinks & Australian adolescent alcohol use: Is it really what we think?

Violent offending among substance users: The role of individual level characteristics




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