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Illicit Drugs

Review of HIV in prison: prevalence, incidence, mortality and service provision

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The aim of this project was to collate data for all countries on the following variables; imprisonment rates, HIV prevalence among male, female, PWIDs, MSM, sex workers and transgender prisoners,  HIV incidence and transmission in prison AIDS mortality in prison and the provision of eight HIV pro

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Drunk, high or sober: How do alcohol and illicit drug prices affect young Australians' plans for Saturday night?

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Many young people regard alcohol and illicit drugs as part of the repertoire of products that facilitate socialising through intoxication. This has become a pressing public policy issue because the practice costs society dearly.

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Using evidence to evaluate Australian drug trafficking thresholds: Proportionate, equitable and just?

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Most Australian states and territories have adopted drug trafficking thresholds which specify quantities of drugs, over which it is presumed an offender has committed an offence of ‘drug trafficking’, rather than ‘possession for personal use’.

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