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The toxicology of heroin-related death: estimating survival times

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The rapidity of overdose and death is of major clinical importance. Essentially, is there time to intervene, or are such deaths typically so rapid as to preclude meaningful intervention? The presence of 6-monoacetly-morphine (6MAM) is indicative of a rapid death following heroin administration.

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Toward a comprehensive picture of the epidemiology of alcohol and illicit drug use disorders: Novel analyses of the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Surveys

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In this study, we will undertake detailed analyses of the largest cross-national epidemiologic study of mental and substance use disorders ever conducted. The WHO World Mental Health Survey (WMHS) initiative is a massive, unique endeavour.

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Development and evaluation of an information kit on opioid substitution treatment: Translating research into policy

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The evidence of methadone maintenance treatment's (MMT) impact on reducing crime and other harms is overwhelming, yet its implementation is limited in the community and in prison.

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