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Review of HIV in prison: prevalence, incidence, mortality and service provision

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The aim of this project was to collate data for all countries on the following variables; imprisonment rates, HIV prevalence among male, female, PWIDs, MSM, sex workers and transgender prisoners,  HIV incidence and transmission in prison AIDS mortality in prison and the provision of eight HIV pro

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Treatment pathways from the client’s perspective: informing a better match between service provision and service need

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The NSW Ministry of Health is leading a project to develop a national population based model for drug and alcohol service planning, known as the National Drug and Alcohol Clinical Care and Prevention Modelling Project (DA-CCP).

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Determining the impact of opioid substitution therapy upon mortality and recidivism among prisoners: A 22-year data linkage study.

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Prisoners are a marginalised group placing considerable costs on society. They experience very high rates of drug dependence, health problems and premature mortality. Without intervention they are highly likely to come into further health risk.

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