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Exploring the economic costs to family members affected by drug use: A discrete choice experiment

image - Exploring The Economic Costs To Family Members Affected By Drug Use

Drug use can lead to significant financial, psychological, physical health and social consequences for family members. Despite this, previous economic assessments of drug use interventions have not included the costs and benefits to family members of treatment for the drug user.

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Understanding how high-level synthetic stimulant traffickers in Australia adapt to changes in their drug supply

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Knowledge about drug suppliers, including traffickers, is slim. This stymies our capacity to understand, foresee and forewarn what Australian and international drug traffickers will do and what policy responses are likely to be most effective.

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Non-medical use of prescription stimulants by Australian university students: Attitudes, prevalence, and motivations for use

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This project examines the non-medical use of prescription stimulant drugs among Australian university students for cognitive enhancement purposes. It will, for the first time in Australia, comprehensively examine attitudes, prevalence, motivations, and patterns and consequences of use.

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