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Non-medical use of prescription stimulants by Australian university students: Attitudes, prevalence, and motivations for use

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This project examines the non-medical use of prescription stimulant drugs among Australian university students for cognitive enhancement purposes. It will, for the first time in Australia, comprehensively examine attitudes, prevalence, motivations, and patterns and consequences of use.

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Review of HIV in prison: prevalence, incidence, mortality and service provision

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The aim of this project was to collate data for all countries on the following variables; imprisonment rates, HIV prevalence among male, female, PWIDs, MSM, sex workers and transgender prisoners,  HIV incidence and transmission in prison AIDS mortality in prison and the provision of eight HIV pro

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Examining the relative cost effectiveness of different types of law enforcement interventions directed towards methamphetamine.

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Governments and policy makers are interested in determining which interventions are more or less effective than others, such that the scarce funding resources can be allocated in the most efficient manner possible. Thus, where should law enforcement invest its resources?

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