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Image - NDARC awarded $3.7M in grants for smoking, comorbidity, school-based prevention, online drug markets and drug policy research
Smoking: A trial of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation treatments: $1.381 million   Comorbidity: A trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for co-occurring mental and substance usedisorders in... Read more
Image - NDARC professor named chief investigator of NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Indigenous health research
NDARC’s Professor Anthony Shakeshaft (pictured) has today been announced as one of the chief investigators of an NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence to develop Indigenous researchers who can help... Read more
Image - Drug use disorders top 10 cause of disability in Australia 2015
Australia is one of only two high-income countries (and USA) where drug use disorders were a top 10 cause of disability, according to modelling by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC... Read more
Image - One third of emergency patients need help with drug and alcohol problems
More than a third of people presenting to NSW hospital emergency departments have an underlying drug and alcohol problem requiring intervention, a study led by researchers at UNSW’s National Drug... Read more
Image - Keeping troubled kids out of jail
Community programs designed to keep high-risk young people out of jail or the juvenile detention system must target multiple risk factors at once and focus on skills training and education if they... Read more
Image - Resurgence in ecstasy market, with a shift to crystal form of the drug
More young Australians are using a very pure form of ecstasy crystals, with a significant proportion of these users bingeing on stimulants for up to 48 hours, according to key findings presented at... Read more
Image - New guidelines a lifeline for people with co-occurring mental health and drug and alcohol problems
Around three out of four Australians being treated for drug and alcohol problems have at least one other mental illness that is holding back their chance of recovery. Growing demand for information... Read more
Image - The wrong school drug prevention program can do more harm than good
  Australia is following the lead of the United States and sending ex-ice users into schools in the hope they can have an impact on kids' attitudes towards drug use and prevent use.   The... Read more
Image - Decriminalisation of drug use a sound and pragmatic public health policy, says National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
Decriminalisation of personal drug use and possession not only saves public money, it has significant public health benefits, according to a report prepared by the National Drug and Alcohol Research... Read more
Image - Experts warn that imprisonment of drug users could lead to new global epidemic of HIV, hepatitis and TB
Reducing imprisonment rates among people who inject drugs will be crucial to preventing a global explosion of HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B and tuberculosis over the next 15 years, including in the... Read more