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An innovative collaboration between researchers from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales has won a... Read more
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Category: Internal NDARC
Congratulations to Dr Sarah Larney who has been awarded a four year $304,000 NHMRC Early Career Fellowship to continue her research on treatment of heroin users in prison and after release. Dr... Read more
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An innovative study aimed at reducing smoking rates in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups and a landmark study of heroin dependence have been awarded major National Health and Medical Research... Read more
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Category: International Drug
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) academic Professor Kate Dolan has taken out the University of NSW's highest public health award. Professor Dolan was awarded the 2010 Peter Baume... Read more
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The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre’s Annual Symposium 2011 will focus on one of the biggest challenges facing the alcohol and other drug sector: integrating research evidence into public... Read more
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Category: National Drug
More than eight in ten prisoners who use heroin in NSW will be back in prison within two years of being released. But this rate can be cut by 20 per cent if they leave prison on methadone treatment... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Oxycodone prescriptions in Australia have increased markedly in the past decade and now supplant prescriptions for morphine, according to research published in the latest Medical Journal of... Read more
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Category: National Alcohol
The price and taxation of alcohol in Australia, and a family-based alcohol intervention strategy for Aboriginal communities, were the subjects explored by the winning posters at this year’s... Read more
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Category: National Alcohol
New study finds more than one in five Australians abuses alcohol – one of the highest rates in the world; four out of five with alcohol disorders go untreated; young men still most at risk. More... Read more
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Category: International Drug
A joint Australian/UK study published this month in the British Journal of Criminology has shown that decriminalisation of all drug use in Portugal did not lead to increases in drug-related harms... Read more