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Homeless men suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at 20 times the level of the general male population while males who are roughsleepers or in crisis accommodation have spent an average of four... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Strategies to reduce hepatitis C rates among prisoners in Australia are failing, with a new Australian study finding that a third of injecting drug users contract the disease while in prison. The... Read more
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Category: National Drug
The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) today welcomed the decision by the NSW Government to recognise the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) as a permanent... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Media reports on illicit drugs “reduce acceptability and increase perception of risk” among young people, study finds Mainstream media reporting is far more likely to deter young people from... Read more
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Category: National Alcohol
Tasmanian families asked to participate in the Drinking and Teens Project Researchers from the University of Tasmania and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) in Sydney are... Read more
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New study investigates impact of alcohol price on illicit drug taking A project designed to investigate the impact of alcohol pricing on young Australians’ drinking patterns and consumption of... Read more
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Category: National Alcohol
While Australian parents are less likely to drink at risky levels than the rest of the population, more than 700,000 Australian children live in households where parents engage in chronic heavy... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Australia is seeing an ageing population of ecstasy users who started using ecstasy in their youth and are still using as they reach their 40s, according to a report from the National Drug and... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Users are getting older; one in five have overdosed and polydrug use is common Australia’s injecting drug users are getting older and nearly one in five have overdosed in the past year, according... Read more
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Category: National Drug
Ecstasy, one of the most popular “recreational” drugs in Australia over the past two decades is becoming less popular with regular users, consistent with global trends, say the authors of a new... Read more