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In the news 2014

NDARC is regularly approached by media outlets to provide an evidence-based perspective on drug and alcohol issues. In addition, NDARC researchers disseminate key findings to the general public via the media.

Below is a selection of recent media coverage.


'It's definitely the drug of our generation': Ecstasy remains a choice for many despite risks (14/11/2014)
Brisbane Times
Associate Professor Lucy Burns comments on how the introduction of new psychoactive substances to the Australian market has affected ecstasy users and markets.
Online drug markets step up security (11/11/2014)
Herald Sun
Amanda Roxburgh on how online drug marketplaces have changed since the shut down of the Silk Road.
Psychosis fears after 'ice' use rises among injecting drug users (20/10/2014)
The Age
Associate Professor Lucy Burns discusses the results of the 2014 Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS), which show an increase in the use of crystal methamphetamine among people who inject drugs.

Bar. Booze. Xanax? (5/8/2014)
Dr Suzanne Nielsen on the dangers of taking an anti-anxiety or sleeping pill after a night of drinking.

The dangers of binge drinking (June 2014)
Dr Nicola Newton contributes to this explanation of binge drinking and its harms.

Tasmanians sought for study into why low-income smokers find it harder to quit (7/5/2014)
The Advertiser
Professor Richard Mattick explains NDARC's investigation into whether financial counselling can assist low-income smokers to quit. 

Hidden drug site use increasing (30/3/2014)
The Examiner
The article discusses drug users' move to alternative online drug sources following the closure of the Silk Road. 

More cocaine busts and greater health fears for users (5/2/2014)
Manly Daily
Professor Shane Darke discusses the harms of cocaine use.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's death in line with heroin use trends (3/2/2014) 
The Sydney Morning Herald
Professor Shane Darke discusses the ageing of Australia's heroin users. 

The boy who shamed Sydney: a tragic tale to which there is no end (2/2/2014) 
The Sun Herald
This is a follow up story on the life of heroin user Andrew Johnson. 

Extreme skolling: warning of fatal consequences as Neknominate craze takes social media by storm (14/1/2014) 
The Sydney Morning Herald
NDARC director Professor Michael Farrell comments on the binge drinking trend 'neknominate'. 



Medical use of cannabis (27/10/2014)
Radio National Health Report
Professor Michael Farrell discusses the evidence surrounding the use of cannabinoids for conditions including multiple sclerosis, nausea and pain. 

Smokers blow off synthetic weed (20/10/2014)
Triple J Hack
Associate Professor Lucy Burns discusses findings from the 2014 Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) that show fewer regular illicit drug users are using synthetic cannabis. 

Study confirms dangers of regular cannabis use for teenagers (10/9/2014)
Professor Richard Mattick and Dr Ed Silins discusses new findings on the life course outcomes of those who smoke cannabis daily in adolescence. 

Early exposure to alcohol linked to heavier drinking: study (8/9/2014)
Radio National Breakfast
Professor Richard Mattick discusses new findings that show teenagers whose parents supply alcohol in early adolescence are three times as likely to be drinking full serves of alcohol at age 16 compared to children in families that do not supply alcohol.

Ice epidemic (21/8/2014)
Radio National Life Matters
Professor Alison Ritter joins in a panel discussion about why Australia is witnessing more harms from crystal methamphetamine use. 

Adolescent alcohol abstinence rises (10/4/2014)
Radio National Breakfast
Dr Michael Livingston discusses his finding that the number of Australian teenagers consuming alcohol has dropped over the previous decade. 

Support for pregnant mothers who drink is lacking (20/3/2014)
Radio National Bush Telegraph
Associate Professor Lucy Burns discusses the stigma and difficulty accessing treatment often faced by alcohol-dependent pregnant women. 

Rural drinking behaviours (7/2/2014)
Radio National Bush Telegraph
This interview discusses findings on rates of risky drinking and alcohol-related harms in regional Australia. 



Our growing addiction to prescription painkillers (10/11/2014)

ABC Health and Wellbeing
Professor Louisa Degenhardt comments on the increasing number of overdoses attributable to pharmaceutical opioids. 

More people are using steroids, and they're unaware of dangers (22/10/2014)
This article is based on a presentation at NDARC's 2014 National Drug Trends Conference on the increasing use of performance and image enhancing drugs among certain groups.

Drug report: Use of crystal methamphetamine or 'ice' rising rapidly among intravenous drug users (20/10/2014)
ABC News Online
Associate Professor Lucy Burns discusses the results of the 2014 Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS), which show an increase in the use of crystal methamphetamine among people who inject drugs.

Evidence lacking for opioids (12/9/2014)
Medical Observer
Professor Louisa Degenhardt discusses the lack of evidence for the use of opioids to treat long-term, chronic pain. 

Teenagers who use cannabis every day 60% less likely to finish school (10/9/2014)
The Guardian
Dr Edmund Silins discusses new findings on the life course outcomes for those who smoke cannabis daily in adolescence. 

Heavy pot users more likely to quit school and use other drugs (10/9/2014)
The Conversation
Dr Edmund Silins discusses new findings on the life course outcomes for those who smoke cannabis daily in adolescence. 

Study: Teens who smoke weed daily are 60% less likely to complete high school than those who never use
Wonkblog - The Washington Post
Drug policy journalist Christopher Ingraham explores Dr Edmund Silins' paper on the outcomes of daily cannabis use in the teen years in detail.

Hope for long term heroin addiction (9/9/2014)
Medical Observer
Professor Shane Darke discusses findings from an 11 year follow up study of Australian heroin users. 

The perfect storm: alcohol, drugs, and depression (15/8/2014)
The Conversation
The authors discuss the prevalence of comorbid substance use disorders and mental health disorders in Australia in the wake of Robin Williams' death. 

Researching cities: do Melbourne teens drink more in the city or suburbs? (4/8/2014)
The Guardian
Dr Michael Livingston on variations in teen drinking patterns across Victoria's capital city. 

Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre launched (6/6/2014)
An explanation of the aims and scope of the new Indigenous AOD Knowledge Centre, of which NDARC is a collaborator. 

How the dark web is changing the face of doctor-shopping (28/4/2014)
Australian Doctor
This article about buying pharmaceutical drugs draws on data from NDARC's Drugs and New Technologies research project. 

Assessing the costs and benefits of legalising cannabis (23/4/2014)
The Conversation
Dr Marian Shanahan and Professor Alison Ritter discuss the net social benefit of New South Wales' current cannabis laws versus cannabis legalisation. 

Three persistent myths about heroin use and overdose deaths (7/2/2014)
The Conversation
This article addresses three common myths: that heroin users are all young; that there are large numbers who use heroin 'casually'; and that deaths are due to users injecting very pure heroin or conversely very impure heroin. 

Heroin like returning to the womb (5/2/2014)
The Sydney Morning Herald
Sam de Brito compares heroin use with prescription opioid use. 



Quick fixes don't work (8/9/2014)
Professors Shane Darke and Maree Teesson reveal new findings on the mental, physical and social health of long-term heroin users. 

Teen drinking can lead to later problems (8/9/2014)
SBS News
Professor Richard Mattick and Dr Monika Wadolowski discuss what can happen when parents supply their teenagers with alcohol. 

Experts warn of spike in number of sudden or accidental deaths involving Xanax (25/6/2014)
ABC News
Professor Shane Darke discusses the increase in deaths involving anti-anxiety medication alprazolam, also known by its brand name, Xanax.

New development to make prescription drug 'addict proof' (10/4/2014)
Today Tonight (Perth)
Dr Briony Larance contributes to a discussion about the introduction of reformulated Oxycontin to the Australian market. 

Middle aged heroin users living everyday lives with hidden habits (5/2/2014)
Professor Shane Darke is interviewed about ageing heroin users in the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. 

The Drum (13/1/2014)
Professor Michael Farrell discusses trends in alcohol related violence with host Steve Cannane.