In the news 2018

NDARC is regularly approached by media outlets to provide an evidence-based perspective on drug and alcohol issues. In addition, NDARC researchers disseminate key findings to the general public via the media.

Below is a selection of recent media coverage.


Web opens new world of drugs for kids (24 February 2018)
Weekend Australian

Hooked for 30 years: the changing faces of Australia's drug misuse (28 January 2018)
The Sydney Morning Herald



The Science of Pain (1 March 2018)
Trust Me, I’m An Expert podcast

Reaching out to young Australians drinking to cope with anxiety (22 February 2018)
ABC Radio South Australia

Seven teenage boys were taken to hospital yesterday on the Gold Coast with suspected drug overdoses (22 February 2018)
ABC Radio Sydney

Cryptomarkets and the economics of the dark net (1 February 2018)
ABC Radio National

The end of over-the-counter codeine (29 January 2018)
The Health Report

Maree Teesson recognised for work in treatment of substance use disorders (26 January 2018)
ABC Radio Sydney

OxyContin: Tamper-resistant pain killers do little to curb opioid abuse in Australia (12 January 2018)
ABC Radio Australia

The introduction of tamper-resistant opioid tablets does not have an effect on rates of opioid use or harms at a population level, according to a new study led by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW Sydney (12 January 2018)

Online program reaching out to young Australians drinking to cope with anxiety (5 January 2018)
ABC Radio Australia

A year without alcohol: Is teetotalling becoming a national trend? (4 January 2018)
ABC News Radio



Cannabis Compounds Reduce Epileptic Seizure Frequency In Children And Teenagers (8 March 2018)

Prescription drug-induced deaths kill more than illicit drugs as face of Australian addiction is transformed (23 February 2018)

Letting teens imbibe a little to teach responsible drinking seems to backfire, study finds (19 February 2018)
The Washington Post

Fine line between relief and craving in opioid war (14 February 2018)
The Australian

Mental health and drug and alcohol treatment innovator honoured (1 February 2018)
The Daily Telegraph

Tamper-proof opioids: a failed saviour (12 January 2018)
Medical Republic