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In the news 2019

NDARC is regularly approached by media outlets to provide an evidence-based perspective on drug and alcohol issues. In addition, NDARC researchers disseminate key findings to the general public via the media.

Below is a selection of recent media coverage.

Is Pot Any Good for Treating Pain? (June 2019)
Scientific American

Using Cannabis and Opioids Together May Not Be Such a Great Idea (15 April 2019)
Pain News Network

Parents main source of alcohol for children, ignoring health warnings (13 April 2019)
WA Today

Prescription monitoring is here, but we need to tread carefully to avoid unintended harms (11 April 2019)
The Conversation

Cheap, Nasty, Near You. How Crystal Meth Is Spreading (4 April 2019)
Bloomberg Businessweek

Messier Than Opioids, Meth Is Asia's Worst Narcotics Threat (4 April 2019)

'Completely preventable': 50 young people killed by stroke after using meth, MDMA (3 April 2019)
The Sydney Morning Herald

It’s time to change our drug dog policies to catch dealers, not low-level users at public event (18 February 2019)
The Conversation

The pros and cons of pill testing at festivals (18 February 2019)
Medical Republic

Australian doctors say there's enough evidence to support pill testing trials (18 January 2019)
ABC Radio National