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Diary alert: NDARC symposium

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Date Published:
23 Aug 2013
Contact person:
Marion Downey
0401 713 850
WHAT: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre Annual Symposium
WHEN: Wednesday 4 September 2013
WHERE: John Niland Scientia Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney
The annual showcase of research from Australia’s leading drug and alcohol research centre will include new findings on a wide range of topics:
  • Adolescent binge drinking
  • The role of parents and home life on young people’s drinking
  • An exciting new treatment which reduces cannabis withdrawal symptoms
  • Long term consequences of early onset cannabis use
  • Online availability of illicit drugs and emerging psychoactive substances
  • Closing of the gender gap in alcohol and cannabis use
  • Drug related crime
  • Bullying, substance use and mental health
  • Low levels of fetal alcohol exposure and infant development
  • Personality traits and alcohol misuse
  • Parental drug and alcohol use and infant attachment
The program and abstracts are available online.
  • To register for the full day please contact ndarc.symposium@unsw.edu.au no later than 4pm Friday 30 August 2013.
  • To interview speakers in the lead up to the Symposium (26 August – 2 September) contact NDARC Communications Department
  • A media conference will be held on the day – time and speakers TBA
Marion Downey, Communications manager, NDARC: m.downey@unsw.edu.au |02 9385 0180 | 0401 713 850;
Erin O’Loughlin, Communications officer, NDARC: erin.oloughlin@unsw.edu.au |02 9385 0124 | 0402 870 996