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Dr Natasa Gisev appointed as a 2019 Scientia Fellow

Image - Dr Natasa Gisev appointed as a 2019 Scientia Fellow
Date Published:
25 Feb 2019
Contact person:
Marion Downey
(02) 9385 0180

Congratulations to NDARC’s Dr Natasa Gisev who has been appointed as one of 37 new Scientia Fellows at UNSW Sydney commencing 2019.

“The Scientia Fellowship Program is one of research excellence. We are attracting the best researchers capable of showcasing to the world that we are a leading global institution,” said Professor Ana Deletic, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who oversees the Program.

Dr Gisev has extensive experience in undertaking data linkage studies using a range of Australian and international data sources and is recognised as an emerging leader in this field both nationally and internationally.

With a background in pharmacy, her specific research interests lie in the use of big data and data linkage to evaluate medicines use and corresponding benefits/harms among populations with complex health care needs, including: older adults, people with mental disorders, and those with opioid use disorders (i.e. opioid dependence).

“The ultimate goal of my work is to improve clinical outcomes in these populations,” said Dr Gisev.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to continue my work in this important field as a Scientia Fellow.”

To date, Dr Gisev’s work has influenced national and international policy and practice in the delivery of mental health treatment services, as well as the upscaling of treatment services for opioid dependence in prisons and post-release.

She is currently leading a programme of work focused on establishing population-based evidence for identifying the drivers of long-term prescribed opioid use, dependence, overdose and other harms, which includes cross-jurisdictional data linkage studies.

This is the third year of the Scientia Fellowship Program. The Program has received more than 1,800 applications and appointed 100 fellows to date.

Eight Fellows were appointed from the Faculty of Medicine in 2019.