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Welcome From The Director

Professor Michael Farrell

image - Welcome From The DirectorWelcome to the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. We are in our 30th year of operation and continue to expand and undertake groundbreaking research in a wide range of areas.

The Centre is a hive of activity, generating new research ideas and working hard to generate research funds to implement new research projects.

The Centre has been strongly supported by the Australian Government Department of Health since its inception. The original aim was to develop research in Australia and to develop research infrastructure in Australia. NDARC with its sister organisations, NDRI and NCETA, have concertedly fulfilled this role and continue to work hard to develop the infrastructure and capacity for research, treatment, training and policy development in the drug and alcohol field.

The overall aim of the Centre is to generate high quality research and evidence that can be put into practice in order to develop and improve approaches to both prevention and treatment of addiction related problems. 

As you read through the different projects that are underway I hope you will be struck by the breadth and depth of quality research that is underway and understand how important this work is to our future understanding and responses to what remains an evolving and complex problem.