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Tags: alcohol Status: Completed
The monograph is an outcome of the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (IGCD) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Working Party. The Working Party was first established in 2006, at the request of... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, Treatment Status: Completed
Australian surveys of those with cannabis use disorder (CUD) reveal that general medical practitioners (GPs) are the preferred source of treatment as they are seen as trust worthy and confidential. A... Read more
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Tags: youth Status: Completed
Substance use amongst adolescents (those in the age group of 10-19) is an important public health issue in many countries of the region. For effective program development and support, it is necessary... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
Changes to the status of cannabis, ranging from legalisation through to tougher enforcement of prohibition are frequently posed. To date, the debate has centred on arguments associated with liberty... Read more
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Tags: policy Status: Completed
It has been argued that the increased influence of conservative advocacy groups and the impact of the political social conservatism of ‘The Howard Years’ has led to a conservative shift in Australian... Read more
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Tags: treatment services, drug policy Status: Completed
NADA, under funding provided by the NSW Ministry for Health, is conducting a project to develop a set of treatment service specifications for the NSW specialist NGO drug and alcohol sector. NADA has... Read more
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Tags: prison Status: Completed
The aim of this project is to scope the research literature on supported housing services for people released from prison.
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Tags: Treatment, agonist drug maintenance Status: Completed
This study aimed to examine the feasibility of agonist maintenance treatment for the major psychoactive drug classes: opioids, nicotine, benzodiazepines, cannabis, psychostimulants and alcohol.
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Tags: heroin, drug-related deaths Status: Completed
The rapidity of overdose and death is of major clinical importance. Essentially, is there time to intervene, or are such deaths typically so rapid as to preclude meaningful intervention? The presence... Read more
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Tags: hoarding Status: Completed
Compulsive hoarding is a debilitating disorder. Little is known of the substance use of hoarders, or the circumstances in which they die.