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Tags: prison Status: Completed
The aim of this project is to scope the research literature on supported housing services for people released from prison.
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Tags: Treatment, agonist drug maintenance Status: Completed
This study aimed to examine the feasibility of agonist maintenance treatment for the major psychoactive drug classes: opioids, nicotine, benzodiazepines, cannabis, psychostimulants and alcohol.
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Tags: heroin, drug-related deaths Status: Completed
The rapidity of overdose and death is of major clinical importance. Essentially, is there time to intervene, or are such deaths typically so rapid as to preclude meaningful intervention? The presence... Read more
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Tags: hoarding Status: Completed
Compulsive hoarding is a debilitating disorder. Little is known of the substance use of hoarders, or the circumstances in which they die.
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Tags: cannabis, telephone intervention Status: Completed
The majority of calls to the Cannabis Information Helpline and indeed all counselling interventions in specialist treatment services are only one session. To date, no studies have been conducted on... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, Intervention Status: Completed
Cannabis use disorder is the most common illegal substance use disorder in the general population and demand for assistance from health services is increasing internationally. Despite that, only a... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This Evidence Check forms a background document for the NSW Government public awareness strategy to reinforce the Government’s message that cannabis use is not supported. The goal of the program is... Read more
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Status: Completed
The ‘Child protection and mothers in substance abuse treatment study’ was the first study to interview a relatively large sample of women in opioid pharmacological treatment in NSW about their... Read more
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Tags: methamphetamine Status: Completed
This project forms part of a broader DPMP interest in studying policy-making in Australia. Drug policy is influenced by the research evidence but also by politics, lobby groups, public opinion, and... Read more
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Tags: opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), opioids Status: Completed
The evidence of methadone maintenance treatment's (MMT) impact on reducing crime and other harms is overwhelming, yet its implementation is limited in the community and in prison. We will develop an... Read more