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image - Cannabis Joint Square 0
Tags: cannabis, Intervention Status: Completed
Cannabis use disorder is the most common illegal substance use disorder in the general population and demand for assistance from health services is increasing internationally. Despite that, only a... Read more
image - Telehpone Counselling Web
Tags: cannabis, telephone intervention Status: Completed
The majority of calls to the Cannabis Information Helpline and indeed all counselling interventions in specialist treatment services are only one session. To date, no studies have been conducted on... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This Evidence Check forms a background document for the NSW Government public awareness strategy to reinforce the Government’s message that cannabis use is not supported. The goal of the program is... Read more
image - 1352782052 Mother And Child 280 2
Status: Completed
The ‘Child protection and mothers in substance abuse treatment study’ was the first study to interview a relatively large sample of women in opioid pharmacological treatment in NSW about their... Read more
image - Dpmp 8 Square
Tags: methamphetamine Status: Completed
This project forms part of a broader DPMP interest in studying policy-making in Australia. Drug policy is influenced by the research evidence but also by politics, lobby groups, public opinion, and... Read more
image - OST
Tags: opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), opioids Status: Completed
The evidence of methadone maintenance treatment's (MMT) impact on reducing crime and other harms is overwhelming, yet its implementation is limited in the community and in prison. We will develop an... Read more
image - Common Ground Square
Tags: homelessness Status: Completed
Common Ground Sydney opened on 15 November 2011 and is Australia’s third project based on the Common Ground model. Common Ground Sydney accommodates formerly chronically homeless people and people on... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This project aimed to develop and test the first highly interactive, comprehensive, and evidence-based smartphone app for treating cannabis use.  
image - Cannabis Square
Tags: cannabis, cannabidiol Status: Completed
This is a feasibility study to test the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) for alleviating cannabis withdrawal symptoms in a 6 night inpatient detoxification program.
image - Policy Making Square
Status: Completed
The state of cannabis legalisation varies between countries and there has been a recent increase in those which legalise medicinal cannabis use and regulate its use and production for recreational... Read more