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image - Man Women Counselling 280 1
Status: Completed
Technology assisted substance use interventions such as ‘high-tech’ internet-based treatments are thought to be effective; however, the relatively ‘low tech’ use of telephone counselling does not yet... Read more
image - Reduce Your Use
Tags: cannabis, e-health Status: Completed
A recent randomised controlled trial found that Reduce your use was effective in assisting cannabis users to quit or cut down on their use. The program is now publicly available via the NCPIC website... Read more
image - 1314155850 E21
Status: Completed
Despite a high prevalence of drug and alcohol (AOD)-related morbidity among patients presenting to emergency departments, acute care settings and pre-admission clinics, previous research has found... Read more
image - 1338942060 Act Map Square
Tags: diversion program, ACT, crime Status: Completed
Diversion has become one of the most utilised policy interventions in Australian government responses to drug users . The irony is that many key questions about optimal system design remain unknown:... Read more
image - Investigating The Relationships Between Alcohol And Other Drug Use Mental Health Early Life Factors And Life Course Outcomes
Tags: alcohol, youth Status: Completed
This study will use a highly innovative approach to pool data from four large and long-running Australasian cohort studies to better understand the developmental precursors and psychosocial... Read more
image - Istock 000005181419medium Square
Tags: pharmaceutical opioids, opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT) Status: Completed
Opioid agonist treatment is commonly initiated as a first-line treatment for individuals with pharmaceutical opioid dependence, even though much of the evidence base for the use of pharmacotherapy... Read more
image - Istock 000012526327medium Square
Tags: High-level drug trafficking Status: Completed
Knowledge about drug suppliers, including traffickers, is slim. This stymies our capacity to understand, foresee and forewarn what Australian and international drug traffickers will do and what... Read more
image - Group Therapy Chairs 280
Tags: methamphetamine, Treatment Status: Completed
This project explores the characteristics of methamphetamine users entering treatment in therapeutic communities, and assesses the effectiveness of a specialist amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS)... Read more
image - 1347340256 Barbed Wire Fence Square
Tags: prison, opioid substitution therapy, heroin Status: Completed
People who use heroin commonly spend time in prison. Contact with treatment services after release from prison is important for reducing the risk that released heroin users will return to regular... Read more
image - Lifecyle Square
Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This study was the first of its kind to use integrative data analyses – a highly innovative approach – to pool data from four large and long-running Australasian cohort studies to better understand... Read more