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Tags: prison Status: Completed
This project will use HCV surveillance data to describe the epidemiology of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among people incarcerated in state prisons in Pennsylvania, United States. 
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Tags: drug policy Status: Completed
‘Evidence-based policy’ has become the catch-cry of the drug policy field. A growing literature has been dedicated to realising the goal of ‘evidence-based’ drug policy: to maximise the use of... Read more
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Tags: policy, law enforcement Status: Completed
This study will shed light on how policy gets formed by police, and what influences the policy formulation process. Two policy case studies: drug detection dogs and police attendance at drug overdose... Read more
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Tags: tobacco, smoking, RCT Status: Completed
Socioeconomically disadvantaged groups are more likely to smoke than other sectors of the community. This difference has been attributed, in part, to increased rates of relapse. Relapse is strongly... Read more
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Tags: youth Status: Completed
The project aims to investigate the opinions of young Australians about how the government and community should respond towards drug and alcohol use.
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Tags: overdose Status: Completed
Researchers, health professionals, consumer groups and advocates in the field have repeatedly called for widespread availability of naloxone for people who inject drugs and potential overdose... Read more
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Tags: policy Status: Completed
Public opinion can play an important role in determining policy and informing political processes. However, the majority of public opinion data regarding attitudes to drug policy in Australia is... Read more
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Tags: heroin, opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), Treatment Status: Completed
Heroin use and associated harms can be reduced through effective treatment. Past research has shown that treatment for heroin dependence can be relatively cost-effective, but not whether heroin... Read more
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Tags: heroin, Treatment Status: Completed
Heroin dependence is remarkably persistent, and in many cases it is a lifelong condition with a high mortality rate. Yet, the natural history of heroin dependence has rarely been studied. The... Read more
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Tags: alcohol, youth Status: Completed
This study is part of the long-running '2000 stories' project. Few longitudinal data exist on the relationship between alcohol use, mental health, and outcomes in young adulthood. This study aims to... Read more