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Tags: homelessness Status: Completed
The traditional response of the human service system to the needs of homeless people experiencing mental health conditions involves specialist homelessness, drug and alcohol, and mental health... Read more
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Tags: opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT) Status: Completed
This study compares the cost-effectiveness of centre-based compulsory rehabilitation (CCT) for substance abuse with community-based methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) in Hai Phong City, Vietnam.... Read more
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Status: Completed
Childhood physical abuse is common amongst drug users. This body of work examines the extent and nature of childhood physical abuse amongst regular drug users, and its relationship to later drug use... Read more
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Tags: PWID, drug-related deaths Status: Completed
The intravenous injection of drugs intended for oral use can cause pulmonary granulamatosis. This project aims to determine the number of cases of sudden or unnatural deaths in which pulmonary... Read more
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Tags: benzodiazepines Status: Completed
There has been a great deal of clinical concern regarding alprazolam (Xanax) abuse, so much so that the Therapeutic Goods Administration reclassified the drug effective 1 February 2014 from Schedule... Read more
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Status: Completed
This project involves the development of a resource for the identification, management and, if appropriate, referral of women who are pregnant and have a substance misuse problem. 
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Tags: opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), Treatment, opioids Status: Completed
Minimising the extent of diversion and injection of the pharmaceutical opioids used in opioid substitution treatment (OST) reduces harms to the individual (such as dependence, injection-related... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, Treatment Status: Completed
Treatment admissions for cannabis use disorders have risen considerably over the last few years, globally and within Australia. There is currently no effective pharmacotherapy for cannabis dependence... Read more
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Tags: Indigenous Australians Status: Completed
The Drug and Alcohol Service Planning Model for Australia is a planning tool that aims to assist health planners to meet the needs of people with alcohol and other drug problems.  Initial work,... Read more
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Tags: prison Status: Completed
This project will use HCV surveillance data to describe the epidemiology of hepatitis C virus (HCV) among people incarcerated in state prisons in Pennsylvania, United States.