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Tags: cannabis, crime, policy Status: Completed
Police diversion is one of Australia’s most utilised interventions for drug offenders. Yet fuelled in large part by methodological deficits there remain key gaps in knowledge about the outcomes and... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This project forms the basis of Lucy Albertella’s PhD. It is a longitudinal study of cannabis use, schizotypy and attentional inhibition in a sample of 14-24 year olds. 
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Tags: prison, opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT), opioids Status: Completed
There has been limited examination of how prisoners view and experience opioid substitution treatment (OST). This project aims to describe OST within NSW correctional centres and patient experiences... Read more
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Tags: Treatment, policy, Intervention Status: Completed
This project sought to clarify Australian drug and alcohol treatment funding; current and future service needs; the gap between met and unmet demand; and planning and funding processes for the future... Read more
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Tags: alcohol, Indigenous Australians Status: Completed
Young people with multiple and complex needs represent a minority of young people but they experience a disproportionately high burden of harm.  This is often due to a complex history of childhood... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, Intervention Status: Completed
Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia and its use is associated with an increased risk of involvement in motor vehicle accidents, work place accidents, mental health disorders,... Read more
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Status: Completed
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a significant risk factor for the development of substance use disorders (SUD) in adolescence and adulthood, and ADHD complicates the course and... Read more
Image: Deaths related to steroids
Tags: steroids, drug-related deaths Status: Completed
This study aimed to provide novel data on Australian fatalities involving steroids. 
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Tags: alcohol, policy Status: Completed
Alcohol-related harms contribute substantially to the burden of disease in Australia, with a wide range of acute and chronic consequences associated with alcohol consumption. The relationship between... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
This project builds on research by Professor Donald Tashkin (University of California) to further extend the message on respiratory cannabis-related harms. The project consists of an updated review... Read more