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Image: Improving services to women who are pregnant and alcohol dependent
Status: Completed
Alcohol exposure in utero can cause a range of abnormalities in the fetus which are included under the umbrella term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Identification and treatment of problem... Read more
Review, update and develop a dissemination strategy for the National Clinical Guidelines for the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and the early development years of the newborn for NSW
Status: Completed
The National clinical guidelines for the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and the early development years of the newborn (the Guidelines) were commissioned by the Ministerial Council on... Read more
Online screening and feedback for cannabis use
Tags: cannabis, e-health Status: Completed
The aim of this project is to develop an online screening resource for cannabis use that provides feedback concerning patterns of use as well as motives for using.  A randomised controlled trial will... Read more
Homelessness in Australia
Tags: homelessness Status: Completed
The MISHA Project is a follow-on to the Michael Project. MISHA, or 'Michael's Intensive Supported Housing Accord', is an integrated program that provides long term stable accommodation and a holistic... Read more
image - IT20
Tags: Treatment Status: Completed
There is a growing literature documenting the high prevalence of trauma exposure and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among people with AOD use disorders. Indeed, in this population trauma... Read more
image - Barbed Wire Fence Square
Tags: prison Status: Completed
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is highly prevalent among incarcerated people around the world, largely due to the high concentration in correctional settings of people who inject drugs. Tattooing and... Read more
Alcohol toxicity
Tags: alcohol, drug-related deaths Status: Completed
Alcohol consumption is strongly linked to premature mortality. This study aims to characterise sudden or unnatural deaths with very high range blood alcohol concentrations that presented to the... Read more
image - Single Cannabis Leaf 280 1
Status: Completed
Although several studies have investigated the potential health-compromising effects of smoking cannabis, findings have been mixed. While most research has focused on cancers of the head and... Read more
image - Project Default Large 2
Tags: Intervention, cannabis Status: Completed
This project aims to ascertain the attitudes of pharmacists to cannabis and its use; their potential role in health promotion and provision of brief, opportunistic interventions (ie information... Read more
image - GP 280 0
Tags: cannabis Status: Completed
NCPIC launched an online survey regarding the experiences of cannabis users who have visited a General Practitioner (GP) regarding any cannabis use concerns. The survey was designed to help NCPIC... Read more