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Status: Completed
Cannabis use is a significant problem among Australian adolescents. There is evidence suggesting that substance use interventions for adolescents must target immediate affective responses to thoughts... Read more
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Status: Completed
It is known that women experiencing homelessness are at high risk of unintended pregnancy (Gelberg 2007). Homeless women cite multiple deterrents to the use of contraception, leading to... Read more
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Tags: cannabis, youth, crime Status: Completed
Within both the Australian and international literature, the association between substance use and criminal activity is well established.  The nature of the relationship, however, is still widely... Read more
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Status: Completed
Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia. There are three forms of cannabis: ‘Bush’: cannabis grown in an outdoor environment and thought to contain less psychoactive ingredient –... Read more
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Status: Completed
There is a lack of knowledge about the offending profiles of MDMA offenders and the optimal means of policing MDMA. Given that NSW is one of two jurisdictions in Australia that does not provide... Read more
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Tags: GLBT Status: Completed
The young male same sex attracted population has been reported to have a suicide attempt rate 3-6 times higher than that found in the same age range in the non SSA population, and higher levels of... Read more
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Status: Completed
This project is a pilot study to establish the feasibility and methods for a new Australian birth cohort of 1800-2000 Australian families (The Triple B Study: Bumps, Babies and Beyond). The research... Read more
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Status: Completed
The timeline followback (TLFB) is the most widely used calendar-based method for collecting retrospective estimates of drug use. The TLFB uses a calendar and other memory aids (e.g. birthdays,... Read more
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Status: Completed
The integral role of media in shaping public opinion and political debate is significant. Media can set the agenda and define public interest, frame issues through selection and salience, indirectly... Read more
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Status: Completed
The project involved establishing a methadone clinic for female drug users in Iran. The Clinic would have a range of services for the women such as primary health care, sexual health care and staff... Read more