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image - Opening Doors
Tags: youth, harm reduction Status: Completed
This project aimed to identify and minimise barriers to accessing and enhancing effective health and social care services for vulnerable and/or marginalised young drug users. Based on an in-depth and... Read more
image - Reporter Square
Tags: media Status: Completed
The purpose of the project was fourfold: to identify the dominant media portrayals used to denote illicit drugs in Australian print news media (cannabis, amphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin);... Read more
image - 1313562771 I44
Status: Completed
An emerging body of literature from the United States (US) describes ‘aberrant’ (i.e. divergent) medication-related behaviours among pain patients, and the extent to which they are associated with... Read more
image - 1341903137 Money Can Square
Status: Completed
Homelessness is a prevailing issue in contemporary Australian society and yet little is known about the social and economic costs to the individual and to the community. The purpose of The National... Read more
image - Prison Research Rr
Current Research Prison research: Collaboration with Professor Tony Butler (Kirby Institute). Smoking bans were implemented in NSW prisons in August 2015, but their effectiveness in promoting long... Read more
image - Project Pic 280
NDARC has been invited to undertake research in partnership with NSW Aboriginal drug and alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Services. This research is unique in being embedded into the routine... Read more
image - Bottle Shop
In 2009 a civilian inspectorate to enforce liquor licensing legislation was established in Victoria, known as the Compliance Directorate of Responsible Alcohol Victoria (RAV).  Previously, the police... Read more
image - Alcohol Ban
Over the past ten years laws prohibiting public drinking have proliferated across urban centres in Australia. Despite this proliferation there have been few evaluations of their impact or... Read more
image - Police
The aim of this project was to critically analyse the current state of drug law enforcement (DLE) performance monitoring in three nations (Australia, UK and USA), to identify how police agencies in... Read more
image - Handcuffs
In Australia there has long been a preference to divert minor drug users to drug education and/or treatment instead of applying the traditional criminal justice response. This project sought to... Read more