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image - Alcohol Square
Status: Current
To reduce alcohol related harms, the World Health Organisation recommends regulating the sale and supply of alcohol, including limiting the number of premises selling alcohol as well as the hours... Read more
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Status: Current
The use of alcohol and illicit drugs is a serious public health concern and entails considerable burden of disease.  Recent estimates indicate that about 4.5% of the global burden of disease as... Read more
image - Aboriginal Women Square Copy
Status: Current
This project seeks to develop knowledge about effective models of partnership between rural Aboriginal communities and researchers across a range of community-led programs delivered from 2012-2016,... Read more
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Status: Current
Substance use among pregnant women is a significant public health issue. A range of adverse effects have been noted including increased risk of miscarriage and still birth, reduction in fetal growth... Read more
image - Cannabis Leaf
Status: Current
This project will review the evidence for the medicinal use of cannabis and cannabinoid products for a number of key medical conditions. We will examine the evidence base for delta-9-... Read more
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Status: Current
The Northern Territory prison population comprises 92% Indigenous Australians and 88% smokers. The NT prison-smoking ban creates a population-wide abstinence. We aim to extend this period of... Read more
image - Youth In Hoodie Close Up 280
Status: Current
This project, commissioned by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, aims to identify effective ways of reducing stigma and discrimination which has a negative impact on the mental health and... Read more
image - Dpmp6 Square 1
Status: Current
The IDAT Program, established under the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Act 2007 of New South Wales, aims to “provide short-term care, with an involuntary supervised withdrawal component, to protect the... Read more
image - Money Can Square
Tags: health economics, smoking, tobacco Status: Current
This project will estimate the social and economic costs related to tobacco use in NSW for 2014. Mortality and morbidity costs attributable to smoking will be estimated as will lost productivity,... Read more
image - Lisdexamfetamine
Tags: methamphetamine, Treatment Status: Current
This randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study, led by St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, aims to examine the safety and efficacy of lisdexamfetamine in the treatment of adults with severe... Read more