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image - Hospital Emergency Sign Square
Tags: opioids, opioid substitution therapy Status: Current
We will identify a population cohort of people who use opioids, examine hospitalisations and emergency department visits in this group and determine the impacts of opioid substitution therapy on... Read more
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Tags: steroids, Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) Status: Current
This project aims to describe patterns of AAS and PIEDs use; where people are sourcing them from and why; users' experience of harms; and users' utilisation of health services. 
image - Exploring The Economic Costs To Family Members Affected By Drug Use
Status: Current
Drug use can lead to significant financial, psychological, physical health and social consequences for family members. Despite this, previous economic assessments of drug use interventions have not... Read more
image - Gp 280 0
Tags: pharmaceutical opioids Status: Current
There has been very little evaluation of the effectiveness of strategies to assist GPs to manage chronic pain patients on prescription opioids, even high-risk patients. Current treatment guidelines... Read more
image - Cremsi Square Logo
Tags: mental health Status: Current
The Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health Systems Improvement (CREMSI)  was funded in 2012 by the National Health and Medical Research Council and is led by the University of Queensland. The... Read more
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Tags: youth, alcohol, prevention Status: Current
Overview of APSALS - Flyer. Parents can positively influence their children's alcohol use. One strategy they use is to provide their children with alcohol, believing it is the best way to teach their... Read more
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Tags: Indigenous Australians Status: Current
Indigenous Australians experience a disproportionately high burden of alcohol-related harm relative to non-Indigenous Australians. These alcohol-related harms are typically cumulative, extending... Read more
image - 2000 Stories Logo Square
Status: Current
2000 stories is a landmark longitudinal study of adolescent health and development. A group of 2,000 Year 9 Victorian students was selected in 1992 and have been regularly surveyed through secondary... Read more
image - Dnet Logo Square
Tags: emerging psychoactive substances, internet Status: Current
The Drugs and New Technologies (DNeT) project aims to investigate drug marketplaces online and in other emerging technologies. It aims to assess and quantify the online availability of drugs,... Read more
image - University Student Square
Status: Current
This project examines the non-medical use of prescription stimulant drugs among Australian university students for cognitive enhancement purposes. It will, for the first time in Australia,... Read more