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Tags: drug trafficking Status: Current
Knowledge about drug suppliers, including traffickers, is slim. This stymies our capacity to understand, foresee and forewarn what Australian and international drug traffickers will do and what... Read more
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Tags: pharmaceutical opioids Status: Current
There has been very little evaluation of the effectiveness of strategies to assist GPs to manage chronic pain patients on prescription opioids, even high-risk patients. Current treatment guidelines... Read more
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Tags: mental health Status: Current
The Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health Systems Improvement (CREMSI)  was funded in 2012 by the National Health and Medical Research Council and is led by the University of Queensland. The... Read more
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Tags: prevention, youth, schools Status: Current
More than one quarter of Australian teenagers put themselves at risk of short-term alcohol-related harm at least once a month and 17% use an illicit drug at least once a year. As such, the need for... Read more
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Tags: youth, alcohol, prevention Status: Current
Parents can positively influence their children's alcohol use. One strategy they use is to provide their children with alcohol, believing it is the best way to teach their children how to drink... Read more
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Tags: methamphetamine Status: Current
Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) can prevent heroin use among women but regular methamphetamine use has no pharmacological treatment and could result in treatment failure. This study aims to... Read more
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Tags: alcohol Status: Current
In this study, we examine performance monitoring in detail in young heavy drinkers, using both behavioural and brain functional measures.
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Tags: policy, law enforcement Status: Current
This study will shed light on how policy gets formed by police, and what influences the policy formulation process. Two policy case studies: drug detection dogs and police attendance at drug overdose... Read more
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Tags: Indigenous Australians Status: Current
Indigenous Australians experience a disproportionately high burden of alcohol-related harm relative to non-Indigenous Australians. These alcohol-related harms are typically cumulative, extending... Read more
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Status: Current
This project seeks to provide an evidence based understanding of public opinion towards drug policy in Australia, by analysing empirical survey data.