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Tags: emerging psychoactive substances, internet Status: Current
The Drugs and New Technologies (DNeT) project aims to investigate substance availability on online drug marketplaces, as well as market characteristics and consumer activity. This is accomplished by... Read more
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Tags: Treatment, depression, dependence Status: Current
Drug dependence is a chronic relapsing condition, associated with high levels of psychopathology. On entry to drug and alcohol treatment approximately 25% of heroin users and 40% of methamphetamine... Read more
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Status: Current
This project examines the non-medical use of prescription stimulant drugs among Australian university students for cognitive enhancement purposes. It will, for the first time in Australia,... Read more
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Tags: opioids, pharmaceutical opioids, chronic pain Status: Current
There has been a recent increase in the prescribing of pharmaceutical opioids to Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (CNCP) patients in Australia which has led to increasing professional and public concern about... Read more
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Status: Current
NIDIP was established in the recognition that there was a greater need for the regular dissemination of trends in the epidemiology of drug-related harms in Australia. It was also established to... Read more
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Tags: IDU, opioids, oxycodone Status: Current
There are growing efforts by pharmaceutical companies to develop opioid formulations that are less prone to misuse (particularly injection), dependence and diversion to illicit markets. In Australia... Read more
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Tags: Indigenous Australians, alcohol Status: Current
This project examines the cost-effectiveness of an integrated community development approach for reducing alcohol-related injury and violence among Aboriginal people in three rural locations in NSW.... Read more
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Tags: prevention, youth, schools Status: Current
Providing young people with accurate, up-to-date information and support is the best way to prevent the harms associated with drug and alcohol use.  The Department of Health identified the need for... Read more
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Tags: cannabis Status: Current
This project aims To assess the psychometric properties of the Cannabis Withdrawal Scale (CWS) and to further assess the reliability and validity of the measure for use in clinical and research... Read more
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Tags: mental health Status: Current
The current program of research seeks to investigate new and emerging statistical models to develop accurate and efficient diagnostic instruments that measure the latent relationship between... Read more