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Tags: cannabis Status: Current
The Cannabis Cohorts Research Consortium (CCRC) is a collaboration which stemmed from the need to better address pressing questions about the relationship between cannabis, other drug use, life-... Read more
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Status: Current
In recent years, there has been a focus on developing practice guidelines to facilitate the delivery of evidenced-based interventions. In order for practice guidelines to be useful, they must first... Read more
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Status: Current
HIV prevalence among IDU has exceeded 80% in soem areas of Myanmar. HIV prevention has been introduced and is being expanded.
image - Violence 280
Status: Current
This project forms the basis for Michelle Tye’s doctoral thesis, and investigates the relationship between individual specific risks (i.e. psychopathology, personality traits, early life trauma) as... Read more
image - I41
Status: Current
Prescription opioids have an important role to play in providing relief of acute pain and in treating opioid dependence. Their role in chronic pain is more limited and controversial. Nevertheless,... Read more
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Status: Current
Ecstasy is one of the few drugs that has become more prominent within the Australian community, particularly among young people. A recent Australian study indicated that one fifth of ecstasy users... Read more
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Status: Current
Prevalence rates of mental disorders among homeless persons typically exceed general population estimates. Despite the high level of need in the homeless population, access to appropriate services is... Read more
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Status: Completed
In 2016 the ACT committed to scoping and designing a Drug and Alcohol Court (DAC). The evidence-base indicates that drug and alcohol courts may have many benefits for participants and governments... Read more
image - Prison Square
Tags: prison, harm reduction, opioid pharmacotherapy treatment (OPT) Status: Completed
The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has requested a review of the prevalence of alcohol and/or drug use problems among prisoners and the range and availability of supply, demand and harm... Read more
image - 1347342248 Adhd Pinpoint Square
Status: Completed
The practices of diversion and misuse of pharmaceutical stimulants give serious cause for concern due to their potential to increase the risk of drug toxicity, dependence, and serious adverse health... Read more