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Associate Professor Amy Kathleen Peacock


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Dr Amy Peacock (BA Hons, PhD) is an Associate Professor at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, and an Adjunct Researcher in the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania. She currently holds a National Health and Medical Research Council Investigator Fellowship (2020-2024). Her program of research is focused on:

  • Monitoring systems for detecting trends in illicit drug use and communicating risks to consumers and health professionals;
  • Use, consumer characteristics, and harms associated with new psychoactive substances;
  • Use of pharmaceutical opioids and strategies (e.g., abuse-deterrent formulations) used to reduce extra-medical use;
  • Parental supply of alcohol and the association with subsequent alcohol consumption and related harm among young people; and
  • Mortality and morbidity associated with alcohol use using data-linkage methods. 

Amy is currently the Program Lead for Drug Trends, comprising the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS), Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS), National Illicit Drug Indicators Program (NIDIP) and the Drug and New Technologies (DNeT) projects. Amy also currently coordinates the Australian Parental Supply of Alcohol Longitudinal Study.

Amy is available for supervising ILP, Honours, Masters, and PhD students. 

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Associate Professor
Teaching & Supervision
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ILP, Honours, Masters, PhD

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ILP, Honours, Masters, PhD

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alcohol and drug use
illegal drugs
alcohol drinking