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Sara is Program Lead, Prevention Program and has a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities through evidence-based and tailored health service delivery. Her program is focused on preventing harms from alcohol and other drugs in rural and regional NSW and working collaboratively with communities to tailor health services to their setting. Her PhD research focused on facilitators to conducting high-quality and culturally-appropriate research focused on strengthening wellbeing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She has research experience working on qualitative designs, embedding evaluations into service delivery and RCTs.

Her current research is focused improving health service delivery to meet the needs of people with alcohol and other drug use problems. She has an interest in novel approaches to service evaluation, using routinely collected data and pragmatic trial designs.

Sara is a Registered Nurse with clinical experience in renal dialysis units in far north Queensland. She has a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and has worked in the Philippines and the Pacific on several programs including communicable disease control and maternal and child health. She has also worked on health promotion programs in Australia.


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2022 CIA - South West Sydney Primary Health Network Tender "Evaluation of Psychoeducation Modules for Drug and Alcohol Support Service Summary"

2019 CIA - NDARC Seed Funding Application "Early intervention for unhealthy alcohol use among older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: using the Grog Survey App"

2019 CID - NDARC Seed Funding Application Optimising retention in Opioid Agonist Therapy: A retrospective evaluation

2018 CID - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program Seed Funding The George Institute

2016 Fellowship - John Chalmers Program Grant Scholarship by The George Institute for Global Health

2016 CIA - Cross Cultural Public Health Research Award The University of Sydney


2008 Awarded the Order of Australia Association Foundation Scholarship

aboriginal mental health
drug and substance abuse
research design
effectiveness evaluation
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Published conference abstracts


Farnbach S, Foley C, Sara G, Shakeshaft A, Lappin J, Allan J, Courtney R, Farrell M, Dobbins T. Who is accessing both mental health and drug and alcohol services? Mapping the overlap to identify opportunities for improving specialised care Drug and Alcohol Review. 2019;38:S103-S.

Farnbach S, Fernando J, Coyte J, Simms M, Hackett M. "I felt like I didn't get the help I needed" A qualitative study of male Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander drug and alcohol rehabilitation clients' experiences with attending primary health care. Drug and Alcohol Review. 2019;38:S44-S5.

Wallace R, Allan J, Farnbach S, Shakeshaft A. Development and testing of an audit tool in mainstream drug and alcohol services Drug and Alcohol Review. 2019;38:S103-S.

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