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Mrs Toni Karlsson


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BAppSc(HIM) MHlthSc(CDM)

Toni Hordern joined NDARC in 2013. She is currently working as the South Australian co-ordinator for the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS). Prior to this, Toni worked across a number of opioid-related projects, including the National Opioid Medications Abuse Deterrence (NOMAD) study, which aims to monitor changes in the misuse and diversion of oxycodone in Australia; a prospective cohort study of injecting drug users (IDU) who use heroin and/or pharmaceutical opioids (not as prescribed); a study examining a cohort of pharmaceutical opioid users in treatment (POUT) to determine the longer-term outcomes for people who have problems with pain medication; and a pilot trial of the cost-effectiveness of two interventions to improve GPs prescribing of pharmaceutical opioids. Toni completed her Master's Degree in Health Science (Clinical Data Management) through the University of Sydney. Preceding this, Toni completed her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science (Health Information Management), also through the University of Sydney. Her prior research focused on the way in which health care delivery and patient outcomes are enhanced through the effective use of information technology. 

University role: 
Research Officer