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Ms Alice Knight


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B Business and BA (International Studies) 

Four and a half years ago, instead of taking the planned path of entering a stable career in marketing in the city, Alice instead dropped everything and travelled to Alice Springs for something a bit different and challenging!  There she found herself working in community development with Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. Her most recent position involved working within the Community Development Unit at the Central Land Council, an Aboriginal organisation governed by Aboriginal people. Alice's focus was on implementing community development projects with Aboriginal rent and royalties from land use agreements and affected area payments. The overall goal of her community development work has been to partner with Aboriginal people in processes that will support them to identify projects that generate outcomes that they value; both tangible (health & employment) and intangible (culture, self-worth & identity).

Having joined NDARC in 2012, Alice is now working with Associate Professor Anthony Shakeshaft on Indigenous Projects with a particular focus on how community development initiatives influence Aboriginal health.

Alice looks forward to furthering her education in Indigenous projects to consolidate the practical experiences she's had, and hopes to be able to do this on the east coast with a little more time on her side, the benefit of hindsight and reflection, and most of all, reliable internet!

University role: 
Research Assistant