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Drug policy

Promoting compliance, ‘recovery’ and ‘desistance’: Comparative case studies of pre-sentence diversion schemes for drug misusing arrestees in Australia and England

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There is a growing body of research evidence demonstrating the impact of a range of pre-sentence diversion options at engaging substance misusing defendants in treatment, and reducing illicit drug use and ‘related’ offending in both Australian and British contexts.

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The extent of ‘not-for-profit’ supply of illicit drugs in social networks in the Sydney marketplace for ecstasy

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The current project is concerned with elucidating a little known phenomenon in retail level illicit drug markets: the supply of illicit drugs within social networks.  There is very little published empirical research in this area, a fact which itself strikes a call for further research.  Drug pol

Examining the relative cost effectiveness of different types of law enforcement interventions directed towards methamphetamine.

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Governments and policy makers are interested in determining which interventions are more or less effective than others, such that the scarce funding resources can be allocated in the most efficient manner possible. Thus, where should law enforcement invest its resources?

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