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Assessing the economic consequences of cannabis policy options

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ARC Discovery Grant - Colonial Foundation Trust

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Dr Marian Shanahan
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Project Main Description: 

Changes to the status of cannabis, ranging from legalisation through to tougher enforcement of prohibition are frequently posed. To date, the debate has centred on arguments associated with liberty and harm, but not on economic analyses.


The aims of this project were to:

  1. Estimate the current societal costs related to cannabis
  2. Investigate the economic costs and benefits of a legalised and regulated alternate policy options
Design and Method: 

A cost benefit analysis (CBA) was undertaken using a static economic model to assess the costs and benefits from the two policy options. Costs pertaining to enforcing cannabis policies or treating the consequences including those incurred by the criminal justice system, health care system, regulatory structures, consumers, their family and society at large were quantified in monetary terms.  

Other componenets of the method included:

  • Completion of a literature review;
  • Development of a framework for a legalised-regulated model for cannabis based on public health criteria;
  • Determination of the current and projected consumption of cannabis under a legalised-regulated framework using the 2007 NDSHS data;
  • Quantifying the value of stigma from a criminal record using contingent valuation methods;
  • Exploration of societal preferences for policies using a discrete choice experiment (DCE);
  • Quantifying the health care costs as a result of cannabis use;
  • Estimation of the costs to the criminal justice system for the enforcement of cannabis laws.

The results from the cost benefit analysis indicate there is no clear difference in the net social benefit between the two policy options. The results from the DCE reveal that compared to the current policy there is a moderate preference for legalisation of cannabis among a community sample and strong preference against the complete criminalisation of cannabis.  The results also demonstrate the trade-offs between different harms and benefits as well as the interactions between personal characteristics and the policy preferences.


The writing of peer review papers is ongoing.

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