Breaking the Ice: Development of an online early intervention program for people using psychostimulants

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Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

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The increased use of psychostimulants in Australia is a major concern.  People using psychostimulants often do not access traditional treatment services, as their need is often greatest outside of regular office hours.

Project Collaborators: External: 

Dr Rebecca McKetin (Australian National University)

Dr Robert Tait (Australian National University)


To develop an internet-based brief early intervention for psychostimulant use. The intervention will:

  • Target light-moderate psychostimulant use (methamphetamine and ecstasy);
  • Focus particularly on young adults (but not to the exclusion of older adults);
  • Address risk factors for drug problems and provide more in-depth information and support/referral for individuals at risk; and
  • Address the potential synergistic relationship between drug use problems and mental health disorders.
Design and Method: 

A small scale evaluation of the website will take place in late 2011 to determine the effectiveness of the program in addressing the needs of light-moderate psychostimulant users.


This project has now finished recruiting, and data analysis is underway.  





Tait, R.J., McKetin, R., Kay-Lambkin, F.J., Carron-Arthur, B., Bennett, A., Bennett, K., Christensen, H. & Griffiths, K.M. (in press, accepted 7 August 2014).  Breakingtheice: 3-month outcomes of a randomised controlled trial of a web-based intervention for users of amphetamine-type stimulants. Journal of Medical Internet Research (Mental Health), doi:10.2196/mental.3278.

Tait, R.J., McKetin, R., Kay-Lambkin, F., Bennett, K., Tam, A., Bennett, A., Geddes, J., Garrick, A., Christensen, H., Griffiths, K.M. (2012).  Breakingtheice: A protocol for a randomised controlled trial of an internet-based intervention addressing amphetamine-type stimulant use. BMC Psychiatry, 12(67): DOI: 10.1186/1471-244X-12-67 (Access via 'Publications' section below).


Providing online, 24-hour access to effective treatment and advice for reducing and managing psychostimulant use.

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