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CESSATE Stop Smoking Study

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The world-first CESSATE Stop Smoking Study will compare two quitting aids (Desmoxan and Champix) to find out if both medications work equally as well as each other, or if one is more effective for stopping smoking. The benefits for participants include: 

  • A FREE full course of either Desmoxan or Champix delivered to you. 
  • Additional free quit support from our team. 
  • Reimbursement (payment) for your time to participate in this study. 
  • All information collected over the phone, no travel needed. 
  • Flexible interview schedule to suit your daily schedule. 

The CESSATE Stop Smoking Study is trying to reduce rates of smoking by providing NSW residents with free quit aids and support. 

For a detailed description of the CESSATE Stop Smoking Study including eligibility criteria for potential participants, please read our participant information sheet

Recruitment has now ceased for this study.

For current news about the CESSATE Stop Smoking Study, please follow our Facebook page: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) @ndarcunsw and Twitter account NDARC, UNSW @NDARCNEWS

Our study quit aids: 

Desmoxan is a natural medication produced from the plant source Golden Rain. While currently not available in Australia, Desmoxan has been successfully used in Europe for more than 50 years to assist smokers in quitting. 

Champix is currently available and widely used in Australia.

Both Champix and Desmoxan do not contain nicotine and act similarly by making withdrawal symptoms less severe. 

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