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Client satisfaction with GP cannabis use interventions

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Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Dr Melissa Norberg
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Dr David Allsop
Conjoint Lecturer
Project Main Description: 

NCPIC launched an online survey regarding the experiences of cannabis users who have visited a General Practitioner (GP) regarding any cannabis use concerns. The survey was designed to help NCPIC gain a better understanding of how GPs manage their clients who present with cannabis use concerns and what expectations the clients have prior to visiting. In addition the survey questioned how satisfied the client of a GP was in regards to the health professional’s response.

  1. To develop an understanding of how GPs and other health practitioners screen for and manage clients who present with cannabis use concerns
  2. To gain understanding of what expectations the client of the GP and/or health service had prior to visiting the health professional regarding how the professional would respond to their cannabis use concerns, and
  3. To develop an understanding of how satisfied the client of a GP and/or other health services was regarding the health professional’s response to their initial presentation with cannabis use concerns.
Design and Method: 

This project requires that a single survey be conducted online. The survey was created using UNSW Surveys through the website www.surveys.unsw.edu.au. Participants (n=80) will be recruited through advertisement on online cannabis forum websites and other online advertisements as well as by informing GPs through explode email. Participants will be screened online (to ensure eligibility) before beginning the survey proper. Also before beginning, the participants must indicate that they have read and understood the information and consent form which will be presented to them in a digital format. Following acceptance of the consent and information, the participants will be forwarded to a separate link with the survey proper. Participants will be made aware in the consent and information form, as well as through recruitment advertisement, that following survey completion they will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of ten $50 cash draws.


Preliminary results indicate that when cannabis users access GP services to help them reduce their cannabis use, they trust the confidentiality of the service and believe that the GP is qualified to help; however, they are not satisfied with the service. Conversely, GPs do not report frequently attending to clients with cannabis use concerns, feel under trained, and perceive a lack of support to assist cannabis using clients seeking their help. A NCPIC bulletin article is to be completed by February, 2013 at which time this project will be completed.



Allsop, D., Gates, P., & Rooke, S.* (2011) From cannabis problems to treatment delivery: Issues and recommendations. Presented at the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Conference, Hobart, 13 - 16 November. 



Gates, P., Howard, J. and Sangfai, P. (2013) NCPIC Bulletin 16: Role of general practitioners in provision of brief interventions for cannabis use-related difficulties, National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, Sydney, NSW. 


This project will give us a better understanding of how cannabis users view the role of GPs in the delivery of screening and management of cannabis-related problems. In addition, we will gain a better understanding of how satisfied cannabis users were with their health practitioner upon seeking their advice/treatment for a cannabis use concern within the last 12 months.

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