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Online screening and feedback for cannabis use

Online screening and feedback for cannabis use
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Australian Government Department of Health

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Dr Sally Rooke
Research Fellow
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Ms Lisa Gibson
Research Assistant
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Honorary Professor
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Project Main Description: 

The aim of this project is to develop an online screening resource for cannabis use that provides feedback concerning patterns of use as well as motives for using.  A randomised controlled trial will compare cannabis use and help-seeking among individuals who receive the feedback intervention compared with individuals who receive a reduced feedback intervention.


To add to the NCPIC website an evidence-based brief screening and feedback program.

Design and Method: 

Three hundred cannabis users will be randomly assigned to receive the extended (intervention) feedback program or the reduced (control) program.  Help-seeking behaviour, changes in cannabis use, and satisfaction with the program will be evaluated a month later. 


In July 2013, the screening program was pilot tested. The program was modified based on the feedback of 10 pilot participants. Recruitment for the study commenced in October 2013 and was completed in mid-2014. A total of 306 participants were randomly assigned to receive either extended personalised feedback (M age = 29.42, 67.9% male) or brief personalised feedback (M age = 30.14, 57.8% male). Preliminary outcomes have been assessed and reveal that simple and brief feedback may be as effective as extended feedback. Further analyses are underway.


Paper in preparation


The study may result in the development of an evidence-based online screening and feedback tool relating to cannabis use.  

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