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Web-Based Intervention for Cannabis Use

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Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

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image - 1314680268 Sally Rooke 03
Dr Sally Rooke
Research Fellow
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Honorary Professor
Ph 02 9385 0231
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Dr Melissa Norberg
Honorary Lecturer
Project Main Description: 

Most individuals with cannabis use disorder do not seek treatment, and this is often due to problems with accessibility and concerns about privacy. Web-based therapy addresses these two major barriers to treatment uptake.

Project Collaborators: External: 

Dr Jim McCambridge (University of London)


To evaluate the efficacy of a web-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) intervention in treating cannabis use and related problems.

Design and Method: 

This study is a two-group randomised controlled trial involving 200 participants. Participants assigned to the control condition will be sent a link to an educational resource relating to cannabis use. Participants assigned to the experimental condition will be sent a link to the intervention website, which will contain six CBT modules, assessments with feedback, and several optional extras. Between-groups comparisons will be conducted at post intervention and at a three-month follow-up. Primary outcome variables will be cannabis use, abuse, and dependence.


230 participants have been recruited for the research.  Final data will be available in August 2011.

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