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Development of a brief tool for monitoring aberrant behaviours among patients receiving long-term opioid therapy: The Opioid-Related Behaviours In Treatment (ORBIT) scale

Exercise increases plasma THC concentrations in regular cannabis users

The Global Burden of Disease projects: What have we learned about illicit drug use and dependence and their contribution to the global burden of disease?

Associations between substance use, post-traumatic stress disorder and the perpetration of violence: A longitudinal investigation

A typology of people who tamper with pharmaceutical opioids: responses to introduction of a tamper-resistant formulation of controlled-release oxycodone.

A Longitudinal Investigation of Perceived Friend Influence on Adolescent Girls' Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating

Perinatal outcomes of Australian buprenorphine-exposed mothers and their newborn infants

Drug trafficking: Time to abolish the death penalty

Opioid substitution therapy is associated with increased detection of hepatitis C virus infection: A 15-year observational cohort study