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The Australian (Illicit) Drug Policy Timeline: 1985 - 2013 (NT)

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Author: Dr Caitlin Hughes

Resource Type: General


The Australian (illicit) drug policy timeline provides a list of key events, policy and legislative changes that have occurred in Australia between 1985 and February 28 2013. Events are listed by jurisdiction, at the national and state/ territory level. All events added in the last six months are highlighted in blue.
Here we list events in the Northern Territory only. For events in other jurisdictions please see the relevant timeline.
DPMP will continue to update the timeline every June and December. Please feel free to email through any comments or suggested inclusions.
Suggested citation: Hughes, Caitlin. (2013). The Australian (illicit) drug policy timeline: 1985-2013, Drug Policy Modelling Program. Last updated March 15 2013.