Baseline Characteristics of the CSC Study: An innovative internet-based universal prevention trial for alcohol, cannabis and mental health problems in adolescents

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Author: Brad Shaw, Nicola Newton, Tim Slade, Cath Chapman, Gavin Andrews, Louise Birrell, Zoe Tonks, Steve Allsop, Leanne Hides, Nyanda McBride, Louise Mewton, Nina Te Pas, Simone Firmin-Sarra, Nina Pocuca & Maree Teesson

Resource Type: Posters

This poster was presented by Brad Shaw at the 2015 NDARC Annual Research Symposium



Introduction: Programs for the prevention and reduction of symptoms associated with alcohol use and mental health disorders exist however research is yet to determine if a combined approach is more effective. The Climate Schools Combined (CSC) project evaluates an innovative online preventative intervention targeting alcohol, cannabis, anxiety and depression in adolescents.

Method: A cluster RCT is being conducted in 71 Australian schools, involving 6,409 students, to determine the efficacy of the CSC intervention. Participating schools were randomised to one of the following conditions; 1) the ‘Control’ condition, 2) the ‘Climate Schools - Substance Use’ condition, 3) the ‘Climate Schools – Mental Health’ condition, or 3) the ‘Climate Schools Combined’ condition. Students were/will be assessed via a self-report questionnaire at; baseline, immediately pre- and post- each Climate Schools program (i.e., Substance Use and Mental Health programs) and 18, 24 and 30 months after baseline. The primary outcomes of the trial are; the uptake and harmful use of alcohol and other drugs, mental health symptomatology, as well as anxiety, depression, alcohol and other drug use knowledge.

Results: In total 6,409 participants have completed the baseline survey and students in the intervention groups are currently receiving the programs. In this poster, sample characteristics of the participants will be reported including patterns of alcohol use and mental health symptoms. Comparisons based on gender will also be reported.

Implications and Discussion: The CSC study is a cutting edge trial testing an integrative online prevention program for alcohol, other drug and mental health problems in adolescents. The study design and baseline data will be informative to researchers, educators and clinicians working with adolescents.