IDRS Bulletin April 2012: Benzodiazepine update

image - IDRS Bulletin April 2012
Author: Fairlie McIlwraith, Sophie Hickey, Rosa Alati

Resource Type: Drug Trends Bulletins

Key Findings

  • Frequency of benzodiazepine use has increased, with median use in 2011 being approximately three times a week.
  • Our findings support research that among people who inject drugs those who use benzodiazepines have poorer physical and mental health and are more likely to have been involved in violent crime.
  • There were no significant differences in demographic and key drug use characteristics between participants who only used alprazolam and those who only used other benzodiazepines.
  • Participants who had used benzodiazepines in the previous six months were significantly more likely to use cannabis, and less likely to favour amphetamines and to inject them the most frequently.
  • Our findings reinforce the need to promote non-drug strategies to lessen psychological distress amongst people who inject drugs.