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Improving cultural responsiveness in non-Aboriginal drug and alcohol services

image - Raechel Wallace Sara Farnbach
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Raechel Wallace and Dr Sara Farnbach presented at the NDARC Webinar Series on Thursday 19 May 2022.

This webinar presented a project working with non-Aboriginal AoD services to improve experiences of Aboriginal people attending them.

This collaborative project involved service providers, an Aboriginal Advisory Group, funders, researchers, and an Aboriginal peak organisation. The team developed, implemented, and evaluated a pragmatic process for improving the cultural responsiveness of alcohol and other drug (AoD) services. In the first step, the Aboriginal Advisory Group developed a set of guidelines which represent culturally responsive practices in non-Aboriginal services. An implementation process was then co-designed, which included completing audits of the cultural responsiveness of the services, and delivering a workshop to plan steps to improve practices in each service (these activities were based on the guideline themes). The evaluation used a stepped-wedge design to assess the acceptability of the process, its impact on cultural competence, and changes to service use by Aboriginal clients.


About the speakers

Raechel Wallace’s people are the Wandi Wandian people of the Yuin Nation. She is from Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. She has been working in the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol sector for over 16 years in both the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and the non-government sectors.

Sara Farnbach is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at NDARC who has a passion for improving the evidence around the health services delivered in drug and alcohol services and to vulnerable groups.