Mood + Substance Use

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This booklet has been written for people who use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs who are experiencing extreme moods, like feeling really ‘down’ or depressed, or really ‘up’ or elated. It aims to:
— Help explain why some people feel the way they do.
— Give suggestions about things people can do to help manage their mood and substance use.
It includes the following sections:
  • What is mood?
  • What are mood disorders?
  • What is depression?
  • What is bipolar disorder?
  • How common are mood disorders?
  • What causes a mood disorder?
  • Mood disorders and substance use
  • When should I seek help?
  • How are mood disorders treated?
  • Tips for staying well
  • Techniques for Staying Well
  • Where to get help
This booklet is part of a series on mental health and substance use funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.
Substance use in this booklet refers to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
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