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NCPIC clinical tools

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NCPIC Assessment Tools

NCPIC has developed a collection of assessment tools and other relevant resources for those working in the field which will aid them when working with clients who use cannabis. The assessment tools are outlined in the list below and can be downloaded from NCPIC's website.

Please note that these assessment tools are designed to be used in collaboration with workshop training. 

  • ACCU Baseline Assessment
  • ACCU Personal Feedback Report
  • Cannabis Problems Questionnaire (CPQ)
  • Adolescent Cannabis Problems Questionnaire (CPQ-A)
  • Adolescent Cannabis Problems Questionnaire (CPQ-A-S) (short version for screening)
  • Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS)
  • Cannabis Use Problems Identification Test (CUPIT)
  • High Risk Confidence Questionnaire
  • Timeling Followback
  • Management of cannabis use disorder and related issues: a clinician's guide
  • Record it! Cannabis self-monitoring diary