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Potential supervisors and their fields of research are featured below.

Dr Ryan Courtneyr.courtney@unsw.edu.au 
Smoking cessation; tobacco smoking in low socio-economic status (SES) and disadvantaged populations; socio-economic inequalities and health behaviours and outcomes.

Professor Shane Darke: s.darke@unsw.edu.au
Physical and psychological harms of illicit drug use.

Professor Louisa Degenhardt: l.degenhardt@unsw.edu.au
Epidemiology of illicit drug use (especially cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and heroin); mortality among illicit drug users; drug use among young people; crime among heroin dependent people; injecting drug use; pharmaceutical opioid use, including by people who are living with chronic pain.

Dr Natasa Gisevn.gisev@unsw.edu.au
Pharmaceutical opioid use and related harms; maximising treatment outcomes for people with opioid dependence, including those with co-morbid mental health disorders; quality use of opioids and psychotropic medicines, including evidence-based prescribing. Projects incorporate pharmacoepidemiological methods and the use of population-level linked administrative health data. 

Associate Professor Rebecca McKetin: r.mcketin@unsw.edu.au
Stimulant use; methamphetamine use and harms; methamphetamine psychosis; epidemiology; in-direct prevalence estimation; sentinel surveys of substance use; cohort studies; service coverage and barriers to care.

Dr Amy PeacockAmy.Peacock@unsw.edu.au 
Trends in illicit drug use, harms, and market features; characteristics of new psychoactive substance use; drugs on the dark net; use of pharmaceutical opioids and strategies to reduce extra-medical use and harm; parental supply of alcohol and associated use and harm among young people; alcohol mortality and morbidity; alcohol-related risk-taking; data linkage.

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft: a.shakeshaft@unsw.edu.au
Intervention research, including prevention, early intervention, clinical services and policy agencies. Particular areas of interest are interventions in collaboration with Indigenous Australians and in rural/remote communities.

Dr Emily Stockings: e.stockings@unsw.edu.au
Mental health services, policy, prevention and treatment provision; comorbid mental and physical conditions; smoking cessation; smoke-free policy; randomised controlled trials; intervention research.