Find a supervisor

Potential supervisors and their fields of research are featured below.

Dr Monica Barratt:
Drugs and the internet; Drugs on the dark net; Impacts of drug laws and policies; Consumer involvement; Digital research methods.

Dr Emma Barrett:
Comorbid mental health and substance use disorders; forensic implications of comorbidity; PTSD, aggression; mental health treatment in forensic settings.

Associate Professor Lucy Burns:
Drugs and homelessness; drug use and gender; drug use and ageing; epidemiology of drug use and trends; alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy.

Dr Katrina Champion:
Multiple health behaviour change, prevention and early intervention of alcohol and other drug use, Internet-based interventions, randomised controlled trials.

Professor Shane Darke:
Physical and psychological harms of illicit drug use.

Professor Louisa Degenhardt:
Epidemiology of illicit drug use (especially cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and heroin), mortality among illicit drug users, drug use among young people, crime among heroin dependent people, injecting drug use, pharmaceutical opioid use, including by people who are living with chronic pain.

Professor Kate Dolan:
HIV prevention and drug treatment in developing countries; hepatitis C research and prison research; drug use and treatment in women.

Dr Caitlin Hughes:
Drugs and crime; impacts of drug laws, policing and criminal justice policies; drug law reform; police and court diversion; drug markets, supply and trafficking.

Dr Sarah Larney:
Opioid dependence and related harms, including hepatitis C virus, injecting related injuries and diseases, and contact with the criminal justice system. Dr Larney is particularly seeking a PhD student to undertake work on a population-level linked dataset of opioid treatment episodes, hospital admissions and emergency department visits. 

Professor Richard Mattick:
Pharmacotherapies and other treatment for Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Effects of drug use on children and families.

Associate Professor Katherine Mills:
Co-occurrence of substance use and mental health disorders.

Dr Nicola Newton:
Prevention and early intervention of alcohol and other drug use. Internet-based programs and personality-targeted interventions.

Dr Katrina Prior:
Anxiety; comorbid anxiety and substance use disorders; prevention and early intervention of mental health and/or alcohol and other drug use; randomised controlled trials; internet-based programs for young people.

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft:
Intervention research, including prevention, early intervention, clinical services and policy agencies. Particular areas of interest are interventions in collaboration with Indigenous Australians and in rural/remote communities.

Dr Marian Shanahan: 
Health economics, economic evaluations of interventions and treatment for illicit drug and alcohol use, cost effectiveness analysis. 

Dr Janette Smith:
Neurocognitive deficits in substance abuse.

Dr Lexine Stapinski:
Anxiety disorders, comorbid mental health and substance use disorders, treatment and early intervention, clinical psychology.  

Dr Emily Stockings:
Mental health services, policy, prevention and treatment provision, comorbid mental and physical conditions, smoking cessation, smoke-free policy, randomised controlled trials, intervention research. 

Dr Wendy Swift:
Epidemiology of cannabis use and related harms; co-occurrence of substance use and mental health disorders.

Professor Maree Teesson:
Mental disorders and drug and alcohol use; prevention; trials in adolescents; clinical trials of new treatments; adolescent brain development and drug use.

Dr Ryan 
Smoking cessation, tobacco smoking in low socio-economic status (SES) and disadvantaged populations, socio-economic inequalities and health behaviours and outcomes.

Dr Louise
Psychiatry, prevention, early intervention, adolescent medicine, interventions - including use of new technologies, neuroscience and biostatistics.

Associate Professor Timothy