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National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED)

The National Centre for Clinical research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED) is an innovative, world-leading centre bringing together clinicians and researchers to detect and respond to trends in emerging drug health, including methamphetamine. NCCRED aims to collaborate in order to build the capacity and scope for new clinical research into emerging drugs; and rapidly translate these findings into best clinical practice. NCCRED is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the National Ice Action Strategy (NIAS).
About the Program: 

NCCRED has three key aims:

  1. Collaborate to build scope and capacity for clinical research
  2. Generate new evidence-based knowledge
  3. Translate research into effective clinical practice

The strategies to achieve this include:

  • Building research capacity at a national level by conducting leading clinical research projects, awarding more than 1.5 million in seed and capacity building research grants, and inducting our first round of research fellows
  • Responding quickly to emerging trends by establishing a national Prompt Response Network (PRN), a Clinical Reference Group (CRG), and NCCRED Methamphetamine and Emerging Drugs Working Group (WG)
  • Developing clinical capacity of the AOD workforce through leading clinical guidelines and development strategies

To find out more about NCCRED, visit the NCCRED website or contact us.

Key projects

Systematic review of pharmacotherapies for methamphetamine dependence
NCCRED’s clinical research team has published an extensive systematic review of drug treatments for methamphetamine dependence. This is a comprehensive clinical resource for Health Care Workers wanting to know more about pharmacotherapies for MA dependence. Read more.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
NCCRED is offering regular GCP sessions for alcohol and other drug workers. Please contact NCCRED’s Knowledge Translation Lead, Florence Bascombe for further information about upcoming sessions. 

NCCRED Symposium
NCCRED hosted its first symposium as part of APSAD in November 2019. The program included presentations from Round 1 NCCRED Clinical Research Seed Funding Grant recipients, NCCRED Clinical Research Capacity Building Grant recipients, the NCCRED team and affiliates. The 2020 event will be announced shortly.

S-Check App trial
The S-Check App trial:  A research study into a smartphone app (S-Check) designed to help Australians manage their methamphetamine use is underway. The Stimulant Treatment Program at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS) has developed the S-Check App, based on the model of care at its S-Check Clinic. The App is a readily accessible tool for people who might not have access to regular treatment and support. The app is available to download for free on Google® Play or the Apple® App store. Click here for more information about the S-Check App trial or contact Emily Li.

2020 Research Fellows announced
Three inaugural Research Fellows have been selected from a competitive application process. The candidates are partnered with a senior clinician-researcher. NCCRED has contributed to the Research Fellow’s salary in a 0.5 FTE “buy-back”. The next round of fellowships will look to focus on nursing and indigenous health.

Key resources

Clinical Guide for Methamphetamine
NCCRED has developed a clinical guide for primary health care professionals treating people who use methamphetamine. Read more.

Insight webinar with Dr Suzie Hudson
NCCRED partnered with Dr Suzie Hudson (NADA) and Insight to deliver a webinar, Treating the hype: Supports and treatment responses for people impacted by methamphetamine use. Watch now.

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