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HDR Training and Development Program

The concept of completing a thesis can be daunting. The NDARC higher degree research (HDR) Training and Development Program was developed to help students become more confident in their ability to attain the necessary skills to complete HDR. 
The program organises seminars and training sessions utilising academics and professionals from both within and outside of NDARC to inspire and help build the skill set of students. The program also provides an opportunity for students to share any difficulties or triumphs they have experienced while on their HDR journey and receive feedback and encouragement from peers. 
The group meets monthly and meetings involve sessions on:
  • Thesis writing
  • Literature reviews and database searches
  • Statistical analysis
  • Career planning
  • Conferences
In addition to the monthly meetings, students also have to opportunity to take part in the mentoring program where they are partnered with an early career researcher. The mentor and mentee meet to discuss career planning and academic processes, identify opportunities for networking and collaboration and provide encouragement for the student.  

For more information please contact the managers of the HDR Training and Development Program, Dr Ryan Courtney (r.courtney@unsw.edu.au) or Dr Natasa Gisev (n.gisev@unsw.edu.au).

Postdoctoral staff at NDARC receive support and training via the Postdoctoral Committee and the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Training & Development Program.