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The Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP) aims to improve Australian drug policy. The goal of the DPMP is to create valuable new drug policy insights, ideas and interventions that will allow Australia to respond with alacrity and success to drug-related problems. We do this through generating new research evidence which is timely and relevant to current drug policy issues; translating research findings into meaningful information to assist policy decision-makers, and studying policy processes.
About the Program: 

The DPMP, funded through a core grant from the Colonial Foundation Trust, is a collaboration between the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (which houses the central team) and a number of research institutions including amongst others The Burnet Institute, University of Queensland, the National Drug Research Institute and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre.

The DPMP is a multi-disciplinary team with psychology, health economics, criminology, public policy, sociology and economics all represented. Our work concerns all aspects of drug policy, and covers the four pillars of drug policy: law enforcement, prevention, treatment and harm reduction.

DPMP has three streams of activity:

·       Generating new research evidence;

·       Providing tools for policy makers to use evidence; and

·       Studying policy-making processes in Australia.

Below is a selection of output produced by DPMP. The full list of DPMP projects and publications can be found at the DPMP website.

Other Members: 
The full list of DPMP team members and collaborators can be found at the DPMP website: http://www.dpmp.unsw.edu.au/

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Project Contacts: Dr Jenny Chalmers

Publications related to this Program

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